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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Throwing Rocks Under a Bridge

Our jobs and lives are so busy and hectic that when there is a problem sometimes we use a quick fix instead of taking the time and spending the money to handle the situation correctly.   As seen in the picture above, throwing a rock under a bridge to hold it up may fix the problem for a short while, however, aside from the obvious danger, when the “quick fix” stops working the whole bridge could fall apart.   

As a business grows, so does its risk factor.  Having more employees and more projects is great, but managing everything can become overwhelming. Instead of frantically “throwing rocks under bridges” to keep up, proactively manage your mobile employees and projects using a mobile resource management solution. 

A mobile resource management solution allows you to automate the process of gathering, communicating and comparing field information.    Problems arise when a project deviates from its original plan and the change is not addressed in time to be managed properly.  The key to early identification lies in the real-time relay of the data.   There is a distinct advantage to knowing, at the moment an employee clocks OUT, that the task they worked on is behind schedule, instead of finding out at the end of the week that the project was not completed on time. 

Make sure you are not throwing rocks under your bridge.   Take the time to research mobile resource management solutions.   The money and heartache it will save down the road far exceed the temporary help a makeshift solution gives today.

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