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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Quick Thought... Employees Benefit from Time and Attendance Systems

If you are looking into purchasing a time and attendance system, I am sure you have discovered the many benefits it will bring to your business.  To name a few; a time and attendance system can eliminate buddy punching, increase productivity and save your business money.  However, will your employees squawk at the idea of implementing a time and attendance system?  The number one excuse for not implementing a system is “My guys will NEVER use it.”  

What your employees need to understand is that a time and attendance system doesn’t just benefit the business, it benefits the employee also.  In fact, companies with a time and attendance system in place have higher employee satisfaction than companies without one.  A time and attendance system can eliminate disputes regarding payroll, free up the foreman’s time, and provide easy to read accurate information for the accountant.    


  1. I have been working with a large commercial concrete company in Denver that recently implemented AboutTime, and yes it did take a little time to get the field users comfortable with the system, but just recently took a survey of all their foremen in the field and everyone of them agreed, AboutTime makes their job easier and they appreciate the reduction (elimination) of paperwork!

    - Eric Hammersmark

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  4. In earlier times companies depends upon pen and register, but nowadays, Time and Attendance system is great invention to end paper work.

    1. Paperless is the way to go. Check out this post to see why. The numbers don't lie and going paperless could save your business a lot of money. http://abouttimesblog.blogspot.com/2014/05/using-paper-is-costing-your-business.html