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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Late for Work? Excuses you can and can't make.

Timing… A guy shows up late for work.  The boss yells, “You should have been here at 8:30!  The guy replies "Why?  What happened at 8:30?"

All joking aside, arriving to work on time should be standard practice.  However,  there are times when you just can’t make it in time. While some excuses can get you fired, some excuses are valid.  Laws have been put into place to protect you from being fired if a valid “excuse” applies to you.  The laws are also important to know as an employer.  Knowing what you can and can’t do in regards to dealing with tardy employees could save your business from frivolous lawsuits regarding labor and wage issues.

Fair Labor Standards Act:
Employees classified as “exempt” have to be paid a full day even if they arrive late to work.  If they are no,t the employer may be liable for all time docked plus attorneys’ fees and costs.

Americans with Disabilities Act:
Under this law employers must grant “reasonable accommodations" that allow you to do your job.  An employee can request to come in late for work for doctors appointments, side effects, or because chronic conditions take effect.

Family and Medical Leave:
Requirements regarding company size and employment time must be met before this law can help,  however, if you qualify, it can be a huge help.  It can give up to 12 weeks continuous or intermittent leave to handle serious medical conditions for you or a member of your immediate family.  Filling out FMLA paperwork is required prior to taking leave, or in case of emergencies, the paperwork should be filled out as soon as possible. 

Remember these laws were put in place to protect people with real needs.  Believe it or not a hangover isn’t a valid excuse, and although you may feel like you were hit by a train… you weren’t.   My advice, hydrate, show up on time, work hard.  Five-O’clock will be here before you know it.   


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    1. I am glad you found our blog informative and helpful. Thank you for providing links to the FLSA website.