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Friday, January 31, 2014

When selling and promoting AboutTime I am often asked about ROI (Return on Investment). How much money will this save me?  While I can quote statistics and provide numbers based on company and industry experience, nothing really hits home like a personal success story.

Not too long ago I was working to get time keeping under control with the CFO of a small to mid-sizefinish contractor here in Colorado.  She regularly worked on Saturdays to manually input employee time into her payroll system.  The weekend was the only time she could focus on the data entry and get it right with no errors.  Try as she might to get it done during the week and there would be mistakes in payroll costing her more time to fix!

Her biggest payoff?  Once they implemented electronic mobile data collection with integration to accounting/payroll, the employee time is reviewed daily by the project managers and she no longer has to come in to the office on Saturday to input time records.  What a blessing for her to now have her weekends free!

Guest Blogger
Eric Hammersmark , Regional Vice President of Sales
AboutTIme Technologies

Eric serves as a senior executive at AboutTime Technologies connecting customers, product development, mobile solutions providers and services firms to deliver the benefits of technology to his customers. In his 13 years in construction-related software, Eric has personally trained and delivered technology solutions to well over a thousand construction companies – from tracking and billing tools and equipment with ToolWatch, to tracking and reporting on employee and equipment time with AboutTime. 

Having a prior varied work experience in the Coal Mining, Oil & Gas Exploration and Construction industries gives Eric a unique ability for understanding the needs of workers in these fields.  Eric’s passion is to help his customers realize the benefits of technology, sharpening their competitive edge and increasing the flow of profit to their bottom line. 

In his free time Eric loves being with family, riding dirt bikes on high mountain roads and trails, and climbing the occasional fourteener in his home state of Colorado.

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