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Friday, January 24, 2014

"Protect Yourself"

Many years ago, I entered the world of helping companies - especially in construction - mitigate risk. At that time, I would often ask contractors if they utilized the new technology of digitally capturing Job site Photos. Some companies were forward thinking and already finding ways to harness this new technology while others...well, simply laughed at me!

As the years roll on, Job site Photos have become much more prevalent in day to day operations for companies exposing themselves to risk by building, restoring and servicing for others. However, documenting inspections, before & after, progress, accidents and change orders is usually a cumbersome task. When needed, digital photos may be on an employee’s smart device, company issued camera, an SD card, an external database or worse....WHO KNOWS WHERE!!
When utilizing a mobile time & attendance system equipped with project management pieces such as Job site Photos, Field Notes, Digital Forms, Voice Notes, Video, Digital Signature Capture, virtual real-time Budget feedback and GPS Verification, risk to a contractor is reduced like never before.

Recently, I was speaking to a customer who performs new construction, service, and warranty work on roofing systems. This particular company carefully documents as much of their impressive work as possible. Job site Photos is a critical piece of that documentation. One of their customers logged a complaint that there was a leak at the exact spot where work was performed over a year ago. Within seconds, our customer pulled up the electronic job file, clicked the Job site Photos tab, saved the information and dispatched a service representative. Upon inspection, it was immediately determined that there was a new leak on this pre-existing roof system and additional, billable service was required. When shown a date & time stamped photo and GPS verification of when and where the original work was performed, the contractors customer was more than happy to agree to a new service order rather than un-billable warranty work. Our customer told me that this is just one of the ways that their Mobile Resource Management System saves them hundreds of thousands of dollars year after year after year.

The power of documenting work performed is undeniable. However, the power of efficiently and accurately storing that data in one central electronic depository for immediate retrieval is beyond measure. Through all of my years of experience, if I was asked to sum up my advice to any company performing work for others in two words, it would have to be: PROTECT YOURSELF.

Guest Blogger
David Verl Perry, Vice President of Regional Sales
Placing top focus on value, David has helped several hundred companies in the Construction and Related Services industry adopt practical approaches to streamlining business operations. Having begun his education & career in the trades, David understands the needs of construction companies who rely on field production performance to stay competitive. Applying over 20 years of real world experience combined with his passion for client success, David works hand in hand to help customers realize the benefits of technology, sharpening their competitive edge.  David now works as a senior executive at AboutTime Technologies connecting customers, product development, mobile solutions providers and service firms to deliver the promise of technology.  

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