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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Is your Data Integrity at Risk?

Time cards filled with scribbled out numbers, fours that look like nines, and inaccurate totals, plague the desks of the unlucky employee’s in charge of entering the data from hand-written time cards into accounting systems.  Countless hours  are spent making phone calls, or guessing in order to get the most accurate information possible.   Throughout the entire process, the data becomes more corrupt until the integrity of the data can’t be trusted. 

The goal of Data integrity is to make sure information is the same as when it was originally recorded.
What if there was a way to maintain the integrity of time and attendance information and cut the time needed to record and integrate it in half?   Using a mobile resource management software can make this possible.   Mobile resource management software can track important assets including employee’s time and attendance.  

Secure Clock in/Out
Data integrity begins with data collection.  In this case it begins with clocking employees In and Out.   Ensuring that the information sent to accounting is accurate is the first priority of a mobile resource management solution.  Using Personalized pin codes or technology like biometrics and GPS, makes knowing   the who, when and where of time and attendance seamless.   A clock in/out method using mobile devices does away with the need for paper completely.   

Real-Time Delivery
Instead of spending hours in line to fax time cards or waiting days for time cards to arrive in the mail, make sure that information is delivered to the correct parties in a timely manner. Using a mobile resource management solution uses modern technology to send this important information from the field to the office in, Real-Time,  giving supervisors a chance to review time cards and answer questions before information is forgotten or misplaced. 

“To Err is Human….”this statement has never been more true than with data entry.  A large percentage of mistakes are made during the data entry process.  Using a mobile resource management software eliminates these mistakes by automating the process and doing away with “human Error.” 

Data integrity is preventing unintentional changes to information.  When finding a mobile resource management solution that can help your business maintain data integrity it is important to find a system that monitors your information throughout the entire process of collection, delivery and integration. 

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