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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Time and Attendance Part 2: Keep It Simple

On April 26, 2010 the Division of Workforce Services announced it’s “Plan/Prevent/Protect Strategy" placing compliance entirely on the shoulders of employers. 

1.   Plan:  Employers are required to design a plan and work-flow that demonstrates compliance with federal FLSA laws. 

2.   Prevent: Employers must be able to implement the plan and have the ability to monitor whether or not their employees are following it.

3. Protect: Employers must provide documentation that evaluates the effectiveness of their plan.  

It is up to employers to design, implement and monitor their business compliance plan.   While ultimately, failure or success lies directly with the employers, at some point, the plan that is put in place must be applied and used by employees.   When the success of your company FLSA compliance depends on how effectively your employees follow your business time and attendance plan… SIMPLICITY suddenly becomes a very important concept. 

Originally contractors themselves, Mike Merrill and Ryan Remkis, founding partners of AboutTime Technologies,  understood that their crews were not going to follow any procedure that was too complicated.

 “ We knew that our solution had to be simple. “ stated Ryan.  “One day I was getting cash out of an ATM and it occurred to me… Anyone can get 20 dollars out of an ATM.  The process is just so simple.”

“Right away we started doing research,“ added Mike.  “ We used different ATM’s from different places, counted how many steps it took to complete the transaction, and timed how long a transaction took to complete.   We modeled our software after our research on ATM's.  We figured if someone was able to use an ATM, they could clock IN and OUT using AboutTime. “ 

And sure enough Ryan and Mike were right.  Using mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, or iPads, with large easy to read buttons, employees can clock IN, choose a location and choose a task in 5 seconds or less.  Simplicity is at the heart of the AboutTime Time and Attendance solution.

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