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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Time & Attendance Part 3: Authentication

Lay to rest any confusion or disagreements.  

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Using pin-codes or biometrics when an employee clocks IN/OUT is a simple way of defining which employee clocked IN or OUT.   GPS time stamps on all clock IN/OUT’s shows exactly what job site employees are working on.  
Having an authentication process in your time and attendance system helps both the employee as well as the employer.  We have all heard “Big Brother is Watching” and we do not like it.  However, there is more to using biometrics and GPS time stamps.   The documentation gathered from these technologies work in favor of employees, business owners, independent contractors, or anyone who wants to keep an accurate account of where they have been and what they worked on.  When everyone has the same information, discrepancies can be resolved the moment they occur instead of weeks, months or even years later. 

Help for the Employee
A good time and attendance system proves, through authentication procedures, that you were on the job site working hard.   It gives you undeniable proof of where you are and provides the "back up" you need when discrepancies arise.

Help for Managers
Know exactly who worked on what and where.   Having detailed information can minimize your company risk and even stop lawsuits before they happen.

Help for Independent Contractors
Like most people, you like to get paid for the work you complete.   Eliminate questions and get paid faster when you deliver a detailed billing statement complete with accurate, detailed time reports along with GPS stamps.  

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