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Friday, May 23, 2014

Time and Attendance Part 5: Integration

A study done by Aberdeen research group published in 2011, “Time and Attendance Strategies: Beyond Accuracy and Compliance,” found “organizations using automated time and attendance solutions integrated with payroll saw a 61%improvement in compliance audit scores over companies that did not automate time and attendance or integrate time and attendance with payroll."

Automating the collection of time and attendance is the first step to gather accurate information, but what happens to the data after it is collected?   If it is sent to the office and then entered by hand into accounting, all of the other steps to compliance are void.  Data entry is where the largest number of mistakes happen. 

Integrating your time and attendance system with your accounting system eliminates the need to re-enter information.  Data entry pollutes your data by allowing room for error.   Keep your data pure by using a time and attendance system that has the ability to push and pull critical information from job costing or accounting systems without using data entry.  

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  1. Time and attendance are the two optimal terms being used at most of the cases for a successful end up of the process. But most of the organizations some what ignore the fact that time and attendance compliance intuitively helps deliver the success at any straight forward manner.