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Friday, May 30, 2014

Standing Around

Tracking, documenting and managing a project from start to finish is a huge task.  It takes multiple people to complete a single project.  Each person has a specific role to play from design through completion. Everyone involved in a project cannot be at the project site full time to make sure that it is progressing correctly.   At the same time, everyone on the project needs to know what is happening on the job site to make sure it is progressing correctly. 

It goes without saying, standing around and watching workers do their particular job is the least effective way to manage a project, especially when there are multiple projects running simultaneously.    Not only is this ineffective but it is impossible. 

So how is it possible to proactively manage remote job sites without actually being on the job site?  TECHNOLOGY!  Using mobile resource management software in conjunction with smart phones and other mobile devices, information can easily be gathered and documented in the field and delivered in “Real-Time” directly to office staff.  This allows various staff members to make immediate, sometimes critical, decisions regarding the project.  

With the use of technology, the office can easily communicate with field staff, keeping the flow of communication open.  “Real-Time” means that the information is delivered “as it happens,” completely doing away with the need for office staff to physically be on site. 

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