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Monday, April 14, 2014

Inspiration to Create AboutTime

This letter from Ryan Remkes, CEO and Founder of AboutTime Technologies says it all!  

AboutTime Team,

My wife was home cleaning out files from my construction business, Better Builders.  She found this sampling of "Time Sheets" and "Daily Logs" from 14 years ago in 2000.   She snapped a picture and sent it to me titled "Inspiration to create AboutTime." At the time, I had about 40 employees and this was the typical and common way to capture what was going on in the field. Check out the level of "detail and accuracy." This picture represents the core problem we help our customers solve every day.

It is amazing to me now, looking back, that I could actually turn a small profit and grow a business with such inefficient methods of measuring and managing field labor and project production!

Thousands upon thousands of companies are still managing their most valuable resources, their work force, assets and their businesses this same way today.  Some companies have graduated from paper and are now using a spreadsheet or possibly a cleaner form.  Still they require their workforce to manually input (and estimate) field information at the end of the day or even worse, at the end of the week. Foremen are guessing on assets used and cost codes.  The information is outdated and inaccurate before it even hits accounting. These companies need our solution. They are our future customers.  They are why we started AboutTime.

This small sampling of old time sheets and daily logs brought back many memories. Today the AboutTime solutions provide drastically improved accuracy, accountability and visibility... so much more than I ever had as a contractor. Our customers gain competitive advantages that help their teams work efficiently, it reaffirms to me that we are doing the right thing to help our customers enjoy a much better way to manage mobile resources. It's AboutTime!

Ryan Remkes
CEO AboutTime Technologies

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