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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The AboutTimes 1st Quarter Newsletter

We are excited to share our 2014 1st quarter newsletter.  You can read the newsletter by following this link (Click HERE),  but first a message from David Moyer, President of AboutTime Technologies.

Construction is a "Risky Business"       

In 1983, Tom Cruise starred in a Warner Brothers movie that landed him solidly as an A-lister in Hollywood. The movie grossed over 63 million dollars while production costs were just over 6 million. Although the movie was titled “Risky Business,” it would appear that it was anything but risky to make. All of us would take those profit margins any day of the week.

Fast-forward to today… In my opinion a remake of “Risky Business” would no longer star Tom Cruise. The title more suits a documentary about the Construction Industry.  In 2013 the US recorded over 900 billion in construction spend. If the margins on that 900 billion were the same as the margins for the movie "Risky Business," contracting would definitely be the business of choice.
However, the facts say that the margins in construction are  slim and in many cases are getting slimmer. Construction is a “Risky Business” and because of that Contractors are “Risk Managers."
At AboutTime our goal is to be your partner in managing risk. We know that every day requires decisions that involve risking your business.

Good decisions are made by having:
  1. Great partners
  2. Great employees
  3. Great up to date information.
At AboutTime we strive to:
  1. Be a great partner
  2. Give you great up to date information to help you make great decisions.
With one more nostalgic step back, I would like to  quote the great philosopher, Meatloaf… “Two Out of Three Ain't Bad.” 

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