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Monday, June 16, 2014

4 ways smartphones and tablets benefit contractors: Part 3

 Everywhere we look tablets and smartphones are being touted as the next best “tool” in construction.  This comes as no surprise when study after study has shown that companies who take advantage of the technology smartphones and tablets provide are seeing higher profits and faster turnaround times on projects than companies who haven’t embraced the benefits of technology.  

What are the benefits that smartphones and tablets provide? 

1.  Real-Time Information Transfer
2.  Reduce Paperwork

3.  Location Syncing

Smartphones and tablets come equipped with location services that are used for many reasons.  Apps use GPS location to let you know what the weather is in your town, which theater is showing the movie you want to see, or GPS can “check you in” at your favorite restaurant.   But businesses can use the GPS location feature for other reasons. 

For businesses that have mobile employees scattered across multiple job sites the GPS location feature on a tablet and smart phone can help to proactively manage projects.   Knowing where your employees are at when they clock in and out of a job allows the office to make immediate adjustments where they are needed.  For example, project A is running behind schedule and 2 employees clocked in to work on it.  However, Project B is ahead of schedule yet 6 employees clocked in to work on it.  With GPS stamped clock IN/OUT, managers can know immediately that in order to keep the project on time 4 employees need to be reassigned to project A.    

For the mobile employee, GPS location services can be a safety net.  Clocking IN and OUT with a GPS time stamp provides undeniable proof that you will get paid for work you have completed.   As a subcontractor, GPS time stamps can decrease the amount of time it takes to collect money once the project is completed. 

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