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Friday, June 13, 2014

4 ways smartphones and tablets benefit contractors: Part 2

Everywhere we look tablets and smartphones are being touted as the next best “tool” in construction.  This comes as no surprise when study after study has shown that companies who take advantage of the technology smartphones and tablets provide are seeing higher profits and faster turnaround times on projects than companies who haven’t embraced the benefits of technology.  

What are the benefits that smartphones and tablets provide?

#1 Real-Time Information Transfer

#2 Reduce Paperwork

We recently posted a blog on paper and the reasons to go paperless.  If the environmental impact isn’t enough to detour you from using paper then the large amounts of money lost each year by your
business on misplaced documents,  and the incredible amount of time wasted on filing, organizing and finding documents should be reason enough.  Especially, when there is a better solution.

Tablets and smartphones have the ability to replace paperwork.    Software programs like AboutTime’s FormsXpress allow field workers to easily fill out forms on their tablet or smartphone.  Menu driven formats and digital signatures allow all the needed information to be easily entered into the device.  The form is then sent in real-time to the office, where it is attached to the correct account, making it easily accessible when needed. 

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