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Monday, July 7, 2014

Why is "Big Brother" watching? Not for the reasons you expect.

“Big Brother is Watching”… A term we have all come to loathe.  Whatever happened to the days when a handshake meant a deal was made and a dollar paid was a dollar earned? 

Sometimes it feels as if the use of technology is smothering.  Take GPS tracking for example.  There are various reasons that an employer would choose to use GPS tracking on their mobile workforce.   It seems that some employees feel that it is because they are not trusted.   This may be the case in some instances, but what if we look at it from a different angle. 

GPS tracking helps businesses collect money faster.    When customers are presented with a bill that
shows employees hours, and tasks along with a GPS time stamp, there is little room for debate on whether or not the work was performed.   Most of the time the bill is just paid without argument. 

GPS Tracking helps remote projects run more efficiently.   Data is collected and compared to predetermined budgets.  Sometimes adjustments need to be made to keep projects running on schedule.  GPS lets managers know where employees are working.  They can reassign employees to different projects based on location, saving commute time and keeping projects on time. 

However, when implementing a new technology like GPS tracking, how your employees receive the technology is determined by the way it is presented to them.  
Let your employees know that they are being monitored.  If honesty is an issue then letting employees know that they are being tracked can act as a deterrent.   In most cases, any dishonest actions stop as soon as they know that there is a technology in place. 

Having a discussion about implementing a new technology such as GPS can eliminate any ill will among employees.  It gives you a chance to explain the benefits to them as well as explain the benefits it provides to the business.  Questions can be asked and answered, and most of the time communication ceases any legal claims that may have come about had the technology been implemented without the employees knowledge and understanding.

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