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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Increase your business profitability through efficiency

Efficiency is the ability to accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time and effort.  I was raised that we succeed through hard work.   However, I recently heard a great saying from one of my children’s soccer coaches.  He said, “Work smart not hard.“ In other words work efficiently and you will come out on top. 

In order to boost profitability, we have to learn to work smarter not harder.  Lucky for us we live in a time where technology makes doing this simple.    Instead of driving around to multiple job sites, gathering time cards, checking on job progress, and making project management adjustments that may or may not be remembered, use a mobile resource management software solution.   

A good mobile resource management solution uses “tools” likesmart phones, laptops and tablets to collect field data.  Time and attendance, productivity, and project management information can be collected and sent to the office in real-time, eliminating the need to drive around to each job site.   Working smarter already! 

When the information reaches the office, integrating the mobile resource management software with your accounting or job-costing software allows you to compare budgeted hours and units against actual time spent and units placed.  Immediately know where a project stands and make critical adjustments before problems arise.   Working Smarter!

A good mobile resource management software will include other features to help your business run even more efficiently.  GPS, photo attachments, weather reports and field notes all provide detailed information that would have taken valuable time and effort to collect previously.   Even Smarter!

So, how does this make your business more profitable?  Studies have shown that companies who use a mobile resource management software complete more jobs in less time than companies who don’t.   Check out this info-graphic to see in detail how a mobile resource management solution can help your business increase profitability by running more efficiently.  Info-graphic link.

Download the Mobile Resource Management Info-graphic Now!>> 

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