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Monday, March 3, 2014

Time 4 Fun - 6 Phases of a Project

I saw this joke recently.  It’s one of those jokes that everyone tenuously giggles at because it hits really close to home. 

6 phases of a project
1.  Enthusiasm 
2. Disillusionment. 
3  Panic 
4. Search for the guilty 
5. Punishment of the innocent 
6. Praise and honors for the non-participants.

Can you see my Point?  We have all been thorough these stages.  Probably repeatedly with each new project.  

Wouldn’t it be better if it looked more like this?

6 Phases of a project
1.     Enthusiasm
2.     Organization
3.     Progression
4.     Improvements
5.     Completion
6.     Praise and honors for the participants

This may not be as funny but I bet the smiles last a lot longer.

So how do you take your project through the correct 6 phrases?  Mobile Resource Management is the answer.  Today’s technology allows you to collect, track and document everything that happens on your job site.  You can then send that information back to your office in Real-Time where you can make critical decisions that affect your project.  Having information readily available lets you manage effectively through every phase of a project. 

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