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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Asking Questions

Touching base with mobile employees is often hard to do.  When your workforce is scattered across multiple job sites sometimes asking the simplest questions like, “Are you coming to the company Christmas Party." is difficult.   However, communication is the key to a successful relationship, and that includes having a successful employee – employer relationships. 

There are some important aspects of communication that when utilized increase employee engagement, which means lower levels of turnover. 

1  Create a culture that encourages communication:

We understand this is especially difficult with a mobile workforce, however it can be done.   Stopping by job sites on a regular basis and speaking with employees on an informal level is important.  It helps to foster relationships and creates an environment of teamwork, not employee vs. employer.   Of course, when your job site is running smoothly then it frees up more time to visit with employees instead of only talking shop.  Using technology such as a mobile resource management solution can free up enough time to make this happen for you.

2  Make sure your message is heard:

Sometimes what we say or write isn’t interpreted by others how we meant it to be.  It is important to make sure that we are direct and to the point when sending out news or instructions to your mobile workforce.  Also, it is important for your workforce to have a means to communicate back to you accurately and efficiently.  A response of some type should be expected to make sure that your message was heard and understood.  Using FormsXPress allows your employees to sign off on important instructions.  This allows the office to know that the instructions were read and understood.

3   Listen to your employees:

When your employees are working from remote job sites it is easy for them to feel like their voices aren’t always heard.  It is important to provide formal feedback mechanisms for open communication.    Then it is important to take their input seriously.   AboutTime allows for feedback questions to be asked at the end of every shift.  It is an easy way to make sure information about company events is provided to each and every employee in the field.  Questions like “Are you coming to the Christmas Party.”  Keeps everyone in the loop.   

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